Studying in the US

In recent years UK students have shown growing interest in studying at Harvard. Typically 25-35 students are admitted to Harvard from the UK each year, from diverse schools and from all over the country.

Why is Harvard so appealing to international students?

Founded in 1636 by English settlers to New England, Harvard is America’s oldest university, but it is not old-fashioned. Harvard offers the combination of a remarkable student body, a world-renowned faculty, and a welcoming residential House system. Students come from all 50 US states and from over 80 countries; from cities, suburbs, small towns and farms, from the public and the private sectors; from every ethnic and religious background; and from across the economic spectrum. Based on long-standing tradition, Harvard is committed to making educational opportunity accessible to all.

Harvard’s commitment to global activities of all kinds is evidenced by the numerous programmes, centres, initiatives and special events happening around the world. For full details, see the Harvard Worldwide website.

The Faculty

Harvard students attend classes and labs with professors who are leading authorities in their fields. In this academic community, all Faculty members, including the most prominent scholars, ordinarily teach undergraduates as well as graduate students. In addition to weekly office hours, students often spend time with their professors before or after class, over meals in Harvard’s residential dining halls, or at gatherings in Harvard’s student houses. Over the course of a year, hundreds of students work closely with faculty members on their own or their professors’ research. The opportunities for formal and informal relationships with Harvard faculty are plentiful and rewarding.

Research Resources

The Harvard University library system is the largest in the world, with over 17 million volumes. Harvard is also a leading subscriber to electronic portals. Some libraries are considered to be the “gold standard” in their field, such as the Tozzer Library of Anthropology.

Harvard Campus